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The Loss Of A “Prince”

April 21, 2016 will be edged into our history and memory until the end of the earth due to the death of Pop Star *Prince*. Prince Rogers Nelson was his actual name, yet the world knew him as “Prince”. Once again, as with what happened with both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett; a death of a famous person, only reminds me how personal this news was or in Prince’s case, could’ve been to me and my personal life. Let me explain:…

Many things that are often heard on International News has quite often intertwined with my personal life in weird aspects one way or another over the years. Prince was no different. I actually had a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to go to a private Birthday party in Marbella, Spain where both Prince and Michael Jackson were the ‘private entertainment’ at this party that I speak of. Thanks to the close friend of my Dad’s of 30 plus years, the former Saudi Billionaire Adnan Khashoggi.

It was during the Summer of 1988. Sometime in June, I had arrived back home in Brooklyn Heights after living in Honolulu, Hawaii for the prior 10 months as I was ‘playing and working’ during my ‘year off’ after graduating from Prep School in Massachusetts the Summer before in 1987.

Actually, even before I arrived home from Hawaii, my Dad had told me that we were going to Spain to this party, of which AK (All of Khashoggi’s close friends called him and knew him as “AK”) was nice enough to invite both my Dad and myself to this amazing party. Not only was AK going to pay our way, but of course he would have taken cared of us through out the duration of our stay there. I was super excited and really looking forward to it. In fact, the funny part about this was when my Dad informed me of this amazing party, he told me something to the effect of: “Michael Jackson and The Prince will be the entertainment at the party”. I laughed and had to correct my Dad. ‘Not’ “The Prince”. But rather; Prince!     🙂

I remember my Dad telling me that we had quite a bit of work to do, with regards to go shopping and get myself a tuxedo. Sadly…something came up which would change all my future plans with regards to this incredible party that I was getting ready to attend. I began to ‘not’ feel well.

I began getting some very odd medical symptoms. Like what, some may be wondering? Well, I started getting diarrhea. At first, everyone including myself and my Mom and Dad, all were making light of it, and believing it was only a 24 hour virus. Sadly, this  was ‘not’ the case. It eventually never went away and I had had diarrhea for about 2 months straight. Then on top of those symptoms,  I had another very scary symptom and this other symptom was painful and more perplexing as well. It was this ‘sensation’ as if ‘broken glass’ through out my entire body. This sensation would only worsen whenever a drop of water were touching any part of my body/skin. Eventually, after suffering these symptoms for months, and seeing doctors and having tests….I learned that I had many things wrong with my blood and my red blood cell count. They were too high. Plus I had some other major life threatening stuff going on as well – eventually needing surgery to cure it. That was with regards to my medical disease called Hyper Hyperparathyroidism. {Which is an abnormally high balance of Calcium escaping the bones, making them weaker, and going into the bloodstream}

Eventually the idea of traveling to this elite part of Spain called Marbella, was now up to me. My Dad was still willing to take me, and I really wanted to go, yet I was very nervous about the idea of possibly being really ‘ill’ during my stay there. Eventually, I chose not to.  😦

Even back then during that time, which I remember quite well, it was very hard for me to say ‘no’. Then of course as we skip ahead to today 2016, as well as thinking back to 2009 I believe it was when Michael Jackson passed away and now today April 21, 2016 hearing the news of Prince passing away…it is news like this, International Breaking News, that once again, make me reflect upon my own ‘personal life’ and how another major *Super Star* has passed, while at the same time bringing a very personal memory to me of what could’ve been.

I used to wonder: Would I have been able to meet both Prince and Michael Jackson in person? Would I have been able to have my picture taken with them? Would I have had my own pictures with them or of the party? Lots of unknowns. Yet, the idea that the answers perhaps could’ve been very real of a “Yes”, is what makes this part of my life even more intriguing with regards to the passing of Pop Star Prince.

Yet…even as I reminisce about this time in my personal life having to do with Prince, another part of me is reminded that; even though in the end I never did make it to Marbella, Spain for the Private Party where Prince and Michael Jackson were performing; At least I am able to ‘do’ something that no other person on the globe can do during such a sad time like now: That is; to think back to a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ that I had, and no one else on the planet ever had. And that is,… the fact that I was invited to a personal, private party in Marbella, Spain back in 1988, where Prince was performing, and god only knows, perhaps I could have had even more memories having to do with this one incredible talent and superstar! Whether meeting him in person, and seeing him live at a private party of my Dad’s personal friend Adnan Khashoggi …who knows what could’ve been? Yes, it is true I will never know. Yet again, the idea that the ‘opportunity’ was there….I am still grateful that it was me with that ‘opportunity’, and thus, Prince’s passing, is even more meaningful to me today then ever before.

You will be missed and remembered always, Prince.



Prince, was one of the Entertainers for Khashoggi’s Private Party in Marbella, Spain