As a kid, I grew up being surrounded by Politics and International Affairs for as long as I can remember. This was in part due to my father, and all his personal dealings and business connections that he had, as he made his living. Yet, despite all this in the background going on every day of my life, while growing up; I was both lucky to some extent and unlucky in other ways. I will explain in more detail later on.

I figure that this blog is my way of writing and sharing a wide variety of topics, allowing myself the freedom to express anything that I want to speak of or share, or perhaps whatever the political headlines of the world may be at the time. Some of the articles I have written may come across as more serious than others. While some of the other topics I have spoken about or mentioned here are more fun, pertain to my interests and love for women.

In fact, on a personal note regarding my love for women: I have always preferred European women & Middle Eastern women. Whether French, Italian, or Czech, or Hungarian, or Serbian, or the ‘Olive’ tone of Algerian, or Moroccan, or Tunisian, Lebanese etc… I am able to appreciate a wide variety of Nationalities. In the aspect of religion, I can accept all women regardless; whether Christian, Jewish, or Muslim or non-practicing. To me, it’s the combination of the inner beauty of their soul, all the way to the beauty of their physique. Yet, all the while flaunting their sensual feminine qualities without effort. I can also appreciate their ever gentle touch from the tip of their well-manicured fingernails while being mesmerized by their enticing sensual, exotic perfume, that only a classy European or Middle Eastern woman can somehow flaunt as being a part of her everyday enigma.  It is this aspect of European/Middle Eastern women, that will always entice me for more.  It is this, of which by my belief is that only a European/Middle Eastern woman can exude.

Why do I have such a preference? Well, I guess my growing up in Brooklyn Heights, New York City, early on in my life, was quite good. I was younger, had access to my many friends from school at the Packer Collegiate Institute, also in Brooklyn Heights. Thanks to my father, we were members of the Heights Casino Club, a very ‘well-to-do’ club for the ‘elite’, despite this time being in the 1970s and early 1980s. This ‘members only/private club’ actually was attached to our apartment building where I grew up on 200 Hicks Street. Whether having Tennis lessons every Thursday, or going to the Heights Casino to watch TV, hang out, do homework, have snacks, or have lunch and charge it to the ‘tab’ of our membership, it was a great hangout spot.  So, I can ‘not’ deny it, during this time in my life, yes, things were quite good. However, with each passing year as I got older, and especially when I began my “prep-school” education, is when my ‘life’ turned out to be one that was really ‘not’ enjoyable at all. Then to make things worse, from that point forward, even 30 + years after graduating from high-school, the same maltreatment I received as a kid at prep-school, I continue to get from these losers as 50-year-olds today.  Suffice it to say, being surrounded by the majority of ‘Americans’, {most of whom I grew up with etc…} all my life, but especially today and all the maltreatment that I endured whether be from relatives within the family (after my father died in 2001) or those kids who I was surrounded with while in prep school: Rumsey Hall School (1981-1982), Vermont Academy (1983-1985), and Northfield Mount Hermon (1985-1987), and to those few who I’m still ‘connected’ with via social media, I’ve learned that for whatever reason  ‘those Americans’ have more of a preference to mistreat others, than to be open to ‘accept all’ regardless of one’s background. After looking at things in this sense, this is why I have had a preference for the European/Middle Eastern/International woman, over any other. I can ‘not’ change how people choose to treat me or mistreat me. No. But, I can change who I wish to be surrounded with, in order to hopefully be treated better in return.

It wasn’t until I was 13 years old when I first traveled to Europe for a school Ski trip in March 1982. I went to Bormio, Italy.  It was then that I  realized that International Cultures and people from other parts of the world were different than ‘Americans’ & American Culture. In my view, Europeans and ‘non-Americans’  are more ‘open’ to meeting ‘new people’ and giving others who they do not yet know on a personal level, the chance to get to know them. When you add all those qualities to the picture, they do then favor a better chance for a more positive outcome in the end. Especially, with respect to getting to know new people for the first time outside of your maternal setting. Again, I speak with regards to my personal experiences, regarding my personal life. {If you’re American reading this, and we do not know each other personally, and you’ve done nothing to me, then of course I have no problem with you.} Plus on a lighter note, in my opinion, Europeans & Middle Easterns are better ‘looking’ and in better shape as well, and of course, we can’t forget the accent they may have depending on the country you’re in.  I feel that from my personal experiences,  ‘Americans’ are more rigid, mean, spiteful, and hurtful to others, and in a more carefree way, of which is ‘not’ anything to be proud of, ever! And often, they have no problem literally going out of their way to do someone ‘harm’, for them to reap in some kind of benefit or retaliation. This is how I see people being from the U.S actually are. After all, I’m writing about past experiences of those I grew up with or know from some personal relationship. Sadly, I learned personally about maltreatment from the ‘criminal like actions’ from my older brother, soon after my Dad died in 2001. What was done to me, was so destructive and permanent, that I fear it has already, at least financially ‘ended my life’ or ‘chance for one’. That being said; we can’t forget that people within the States are often filled with greed and evil in many aspects with regards to everyday life. My personal life, all that I have personally been through, and witnessed growing up and being in the U.S. especially since after the passing of my father, Roy; has made me who I am today.  Let alone all those people who have gone out of their way to harm, or threaten myself and my only loved one in my life, my handicap Mom has made their indelible mark on me! And ever since, I no longer feel comfortable, nor safe within the United States. The experiences we’ve endured, the fear, the anger, the injustice has made me who I am today.  Yes, sir, in my years being held ‘hostage’ in this country called the United States, I’ve learned plenty, the hard way, just how mean-spirited people really are! That is putting it politely! {If you only were aware of all the detailed stories and suffering both my mother and I have been continuing to suffer from while being trapped in the U.S, perhaps some would be stunned about what life is really like when in the States. If you want genuine ‘freedom’ and to be ‘accepted for who you are’, the U.S. is NOT for you!  }

Sadly, ever since my father passed away from Malignant Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer in 2001, both my handicap wheelchair bound 82-year-old mother whom I been caring for alone now since my Dad passed, and I; have been living a nightmare in all senses of the word! Frankly, with the number of emotional abuses and crimes that have been committed against us; both financially and otherwise by numerous people, I sometimes am amazed that we are both still alive in of itself! Perhaps, you now see a pattern as to why I do not care for the kind of people I am surrounded by while being in the States. Nor do I care for their ‘self-righteous attitude’ or more so their ‘bullying’, ‘mean-spirited’, ‘retaliatory’, ‘controlling’, ‘manipulative’ attitude either, let alone their abuse that they so often shell out to me & my handicap mother throughout all these years.

It is Europe, the atmosphere, the culture, the people, the languages, the different lifestyle, the ambiance, even the ‘air that I breathe’, that with me at least; gives me the sense of safety, purpose, and confidence that U.S.A seems to drain out of me. To me, the United States is a country that cares for no one. Not one! Unless ‘those’ who they ‘deem’ as their ‘equal’. Or in laymen’s terms, rich, and above the laws that the ‘slave, little people’ must not be anywhere near. And it is ‘this knowledge’, that I know all too well about the United States as to why it is a country that only gives poor health, to those who have no chance of being treated equally. If you desire “equality”, U.S is not the place for you! I know I’ve said this before. I have plenty of knowledge on things that most people reading this, will never ‘live’ for themselves, regarding the evilness of what residing in the United States of America is really like. Some of the things that my father went through, that I have not spoken about in detail here, is plenty to hate the United States alone, in its own right. Yet, the easiest example of the ‘nightmarish’ scenarios that my poor handicap mother and I have been experiencing for over 17 years and counting, all thanks in part to ‘Americans’, who in one way or another have been ‘connected to us’, whether relatives, or ‘authorities’ of some sort for one sole purpose: make life as unbearable as possible for my mom and me! Their disgusting behavior has been so bad, that if my mother were to possibly die due to the stress they have caused, these people frankly wouldn’t care and I could actually see them ‘celebrating’ within themselves, and then on to their next ‘agenda’…blame me for it! When I’ve told certain people in detail, about all that we’ve endured… their reactions are; astonishment, sometimes even; silence and they don’t know what to say! They are speechless! Then when it all sinks in, they often have anger! Yes, it has been a tough life, for us, to say the least. All I can say is: Thank god for Europe!

Europe is where you will be given more opportunity, to be truly ‘free’! Regarding what I ‘desire’, and from all my personal knowledge from all those years growing up while my Dad was alive, let alone from my personal experiences of traveling around the world, beginning at the age of 13, and all that was ‘in front of me’, while growing up, I know Europe, almost any part of Europe is better than any place in the States!

I’m someone who appreciates all European & Middle Eastern cultures that are foreign to most. My father Roy being an International Businessman his entire life and my being ‘surrounded’ by his phone calls, or being more aware of ‘the places he would travel to for business’ etc.. All played an active role to my upbringing, whether or not I was aware of this as it was happening.  What’s more interesting is, I have a huge desire for and admiration for the Arab/Muslim person & culture. Why? It’s really ‘not’ difficult to see ‘why’. Whether it would be growing up with my father, who often would be on the phone with his International Business figures/Arab friends/Business Contacts like Salah Sharaf, or his closest personal friend Adnan M Khashoggi, or Manucher Ghorbanifar, or Rakesh Saxena, or Roger Tamraz, or other associates connected with King Fahd, Cyrus Hashemi, John Shaheen or others.  All these ‘names’ are all ‘familiar’ to me. It’s what I was used to hearing as a kid growing up, let alone as an adult as well.

However, looking back at everything, despite many of the negative factors in my life,  I still am very happy that I grew up the way I did. Thanks to my father, I have become more knowledgeable with regards to Middle East Politics and overall politics in general. I feel this gives me an edge over most people, with regards to being more educated and understanding of the world and its chaos that the news media speaks about almost on a daily basis today. However, as I mentioned earlier; the fact that I was lucky enough to start at the ripe age of 13, to travel, and learn about cultures, languages, and different ways of life; it was this early start, that obviously stayed with me ever since, and will for the rest of my life. In fact, it is the pendulum that I use my own knowledge when seeing differences or injustice in all areas of news, or everyday life through personal experiences, as my guiding tool for doing the best I can to ‘make it in this crooked and complicated world’.

In other interests, the top languages I appreciate the most are: French, Italian, Hungarian, Czech and Serbian and Arabic. Can I speak all of those? Sadly, no. However, I know more French than any other and know very little Italian and bits and pieces of Czech and Hungarian. Yet, whether I am listening to radio stations of any of those languages, (and I could listen to them for hours on end, and never get bored.)  my ability to read French is better than any of the other languages, and speaking it; while it’s really ‘not’ great, but it’s better than any other foreign language – but again, I ‘appreciate’ which each language has to offer.

This blog centers on my overall broad Interests pertaining to International Politics and Worldly Events – with a slight bias to those parts of the Globe and or Topics, where I may have had some kind of ‘inner’ personal relationship or ‘tie/connection’.  Whether this tie/connection was from when my Dad was alive and his background, and contacts, or from since his passing and from those connections that I have that are connected to prestigious and powerful International Business figures as well. Either way, if something is breaking news, regarding the Middle East, or something like this, I will have many interests in this area and be depending on the ‘topic’, it could be quite personal.

I am aware that I am unlike most people anywhere on the planet. I know people who personally ‘knew’ (if someone is no longer alive) or still knows (if they are alive still…) such prominent figures, such as: Yasser ArafatMouammar Kadhafi, The Shah of Iran, Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Emir of Kuwait, King Fahd of The Saudi Royal Family, Prince Faisal, Sultan of Brunei, and many others…

Another part you will learn about me, is that I am absolutely 100% Pro-Palestinian! It angers me deeply with how their situation is as of today, let alone how it’s been for all these past decades of abuses and loss of life they/Palestinians have suffered over the illegal occupation, during their struggle for freedom of their own land sans the Illegal Occupation of Ramallah/Gaza/Palestine. Interestingly enough, my personal friend was with Arafat in 1994, when he picked up his Nobel Peace Prize. I never did meet him in person, he surely would’ve been my favorite #1 choice of prominent person to meet.  It is sad to think that he was illegally murdered/poisoned by the evil Israeli government.

On a personal note, I am able to relate to all the injustices of the average Palestinian, to a degree. Granted, we (my Mom and I) do ‘not’ suffer the same amount of violence that Palestine, and especially Gaza suffer. However, we surely can relate to the nightmare of emotional abuses, and other forms of personal injustices, thanks to a wide range of people who just desire our personal demise as well. Whether be familial, or outside the familial spectrum, or often by those who are considered ‘State authorities’ the fact is clear for my mother and I. Most ‘Americans’ enjoy harming others, and we are most often on the ‘receiving end’ of that ‘harm’! I so often have expressed some parts of my personal life in this manner: My one sibling I have is like ‘evil Israel’. Israel took the land of Palestinians, while my sibling took something of mine, that wasn’t his! Israel manipulates and abuses Palestinians within their own homes and land, and my sibling and other of their supporters have also done the same to my mother and I as well! Israel doesn’t care when they are to blame when murdering Palestinians, and I can honestly say that my ‘blood relatives’ could care less that they are active participants in our impending deaths as well! When a Palestinian begs for their lives, or help……it falls on deaf ears. And when I have begged for help from our ‘relatives’, they not only ignore our cries for help, they often will call others to come ‘invade’ our apartment as a way to abuse us tenfold! Thus, Why I do not care for ‘Americans’ who like to bully and harm us. Not at all!

It is sad no matter how one looks at the world, and how so often maltreatment, is getting to be more and more the ‘in’ thing to do with a wide variety of people. In fact, nowadays, when and if others ‘see’ or bare ‘witness’ to maltreatment, the excuse now is to just ignore it, and pretend it’s not even happening! Heck, Palestinians have been crying out for help, for decades.  No one cares! They are sadly and unjustly ignored! Syrians, have been crying out for help as of late. Nobody cares! They too are ignored! My mother and I have been asking for help from many.  They ignore us too!  Well, my mother and I sadly can’t ‘do’ much about it with regards to our personal situation.  Although, regarding politics, I can certainly relate to the anger, and acts of violence that occur from the ‘suppressed’ people. I support this. Heck, when people are doing all they can to have you no longer be alive, then eventually, you must stand up for your own self-defense. If you don’t, then who will?

Heck! writing about this has brought up a memory. I remember my Dad numerous times talking about similar things within the subject of Politics and Palestinians, and he so often justified and agreed that whatever ‘problems’ would occur within the ‘western world’, was due to the injustices of which the United States caused for others.  Thus, he too was pro-Palestinian perhaps more so than I.

My other interests are: Music, Writing, working online, and of course always keeping up to date with what is going on in the world, especially pertaining to the recent current events within the Middle East: Palestine, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc…

With regards to ‘Writing’: I have not only this blog, but I also keep a journal.  It’s over 13,000 pages long, and over 10+ years of information.

The kind of Music I prefer would be considered: Euro-Pop, Italo Disco, Italo Pop, French Pop, Russian/Dance/Club etc… most of which would also depend on my mood and other factors. Some singers & groups that I prefer and love are Axelle Red, Patricia Kaas, Lara Fabian (all three of whom I saw in Concert in Montréal. I also sort of, kind of met Axelle Red in person at a concert while sitting in the front row during a concert in Summer 2000. I gave her a Greeting Card in both English and French and a Rose. She stopped everything, took about 3-4 minutes to read all I wrote, and even said; “Thank You, very much” as the crowd went wild!) Other singers or groups I like are: Akcent, Spagna, Silver Pozzoli, Alexandra Stan, Sak Noel, Playahitty, Eros Ramazzatti, Inna, Edward Maya, Alizée, Anggun, Bad Boys Blue, Arash, Axel Bauer, Chicane, Calogero, Chris Rea, Cock Robin, David Tavaré, Dr Alban, Étienne Daho, Fragma, Falco, Gérald de Palmas, Imagination, Laurent Voulzy, Level 42, Lewron Orchestra, Manu Chao, Modern Talking, Thomas Anders, Murray Head, Mylène Farmer, Patrick Hernandez, Pet Shop Boys, Sandra, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Talk Talk, The Twins, Yannick Noah, Youssou N’Dour, Zucchero etc… and many, many more etc…

I hope as you are reading all of this about me, you are beginning to get a little better understanding of me, my history, and the person I really am within. In many ways, I was lucky to be brought up within a family where my father at one time in his life became an International Political Figure himself, thanks to his career. All you have to do is take a look at the videos on both sides of the primary page of my blog, where the majority of those videos are pertaining to my dad, where you can see and learn about my father. In doing so, you will get a little taste on all that he worked on or was a part of while at the same time being connected with many prestigious and powerful people as well. Some of those business deals were actually headlined news to the entire International world. Where many of those prestigious & powerful people that worked with him on these deals, were not only business partners or politically connected themselves with other International governments, but were friends of his as well. Almost all the videos on that front page of this blog, are all regarding my Dad, Roy. Here is one of my favorites where he was introduced to the  world by CNN “Prime News

I even devoted one article blog about my Dad as well. This is a more detailed article/blog about him, where I speak in detail about some of the most interesting occurrences he had in his life. Whether that would be when he was almost killed, twice by terrorism. Or, when he had dinner between two famous people, or when he partied at the Nixon Inauguration or other interesting facts about his life.  In this article, you will see just how amazing his life really was, and of course not to mention, the incredibly famous and powerful, and wealthy people he knew, met and worked with, throughout his career. On top of all this, there are some parts within this article, on how his interesting life, affected me while growing up as his youngest son. So that being said, his life, was in turn, my life as well. Looking back at everything today, despite all the other stuff that maybe was difficult in my life, I am glad that this life was mine too. I wouldn’t want to change any of it, ever.

Yet, despite my many personal losses in life from my mom becoming handicap, and my saving of her life when I was 12 years old, some 5 days before my 13th Birthday, my mom was diagnosed with having an ‘attack’ of the brain stem called: Viral Encephalitis, making her a quadriplegic and me being her full time 24/7 caretaker, since Dad died. And then my sister died when I was 13 years old and she was 16, seven months after my mom’s ‘attack’. She died from Mononucleosis and Hepatitis. Then by the time my Dad died, my Mom and I have been treated terribly by another ‘relative’ so much so, that laws were broken by this person to harm us and our ability to care for ourselves financially. Thanks to this evil, sick, demented, callous, crook of a relative and all that they did to us after my father’s death, every day ‘life’ is an on-going struggle. Despite at one time attempting to receive justice, we only learned that U.S.A does ‘not’ allow justice for the ‘everyday typical person’! No. U.S.A is a place where crooks and thieves can flourish. So much so, that even the lawyer we had at one point to attempt to receive ‘justice’, we later found out scammed us too. And thus, it should be easy to see how and why many folks love the United States. Well, those who are illegitimate, dishonest and plain old crooks, with no intention of ever being honest, or genuine, or fair! Yet always having an underhanded, manipulative gameplan for their own personal agenda, therefore harming the helpless, like my handicap mother, let alone myself and my financial future. It’s been a nightmare come true since the passing of my dad.

Yes, a lot of terrible things have occurred to me and my handicap Mom since Dad died. Thank God she is still alive, and I am blessed that I am the only family member she has left who loves her and cares for her, while I continue to try to reach my goals and desires as well. {although, thanks to being trapped within such a crooked country like the U.S.A, I doubt my goals will ever be reached.}

In case some of you were wondering how the website came about of my blog 16eParis.com, it came to be by one simple factor. The 16th arrondissement is a section of Paris, where the ‘upper’ working class of the French reside. It’s a very ‘well to do’ neighborhood and actually was where our family friend *AK* {Khashoggi} had his Paris, France office. When my father was alive he would always stay at one wonderful hotel close to the Passy metro, and after he passed away, it is where I normally would stay as well.

Wikipedia writes about this part of Paris in this way:  “The swanky 16th arrondissement is home to foreign embassies and renowned museums, including the Foundation Louis Vuitton and the Palais de Tokyo with its contemporary art. Hilly Passy, home to the city’s wealthiest residents, features trendy restaurants and the Maison de Balzac, a house museum where the novelist once lived. Families head to the Bois de Boulogne for its boating lakes and kids’ theme park”.

In fact, for all the times I am there, there is one thing that I absolutely love about this area of Paris. Well, okay, there are many reasons why I really love this area. But the two most important reasons why I love this part of Paris is first; it’s extremely close to the Eiffel Tower & the metro.  Secondly, for whatever reason, the women there are extremely classy, elegant, sometimes even sultry and seductive, while as they walk past you, you can smell their incredibly sensual, yet exotic European perfume.  This is truly something that I feel makes it even more unique, and seductive, all in of itself. Yet, the overall ambiance of this part of Paris, is class, and elegance, while feeling safe walking around at almost any hour of day or night. If I could, I would love to make my full time home here, in a heartbeat.

I thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, while at the same time getting a little feel for what this blog will have to offer. This blog is for me and only me, and I only write about things that both interest me, and or have affected me one way or another in my life, thus making me who I am today. Thank you for your time – And thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me!  🙂

{Please Note: The ‘Collage’ On My Blog Primary Page ‘Header Picture’ Does Hold Major Significance. For Every Political Figure, Or Internationally Known Person Shown, Either Alone Or With Another ‘Known Figure’, Have/Had Personal Connections To My Father/Myself/Our Family Whether Directly Or Indirectly. Or In Laymen’s Terms: My Father Personally Knew & Worked With King Fahd, Sultan Brunei, Farrah Fawcett, etc… (many others) People like Emir of Kuwait, For Example, Is The Personal Friend Of My Medical Doctor In NYC.  The Former President Of Libya, Mouammar Kadhafi Was Close Friends With My Dad’s Close Friend Manucher Ghorbanifar. I have Been Close Friends With Nelson Rockefeller Jr & His Mom “Happy” When She Was Alive Back In the 1980s. So You See…Those In The Collage Were Hand Picked. We Used To Have ‘Direct Or Indirect’ Connections/Ties With These Within The Collage. Truly Incredible, If I don’t Say So Myself.  To learn More Detail, Read The Article About My Father’s Life. }


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