As a kid, I grew up being surrounded by Politics and International Affairs for as long as I can remember. This was in part due to my father, and all his personal dealings and business connections that he had, as he made his living. Looking back at things today after the fact, I have come to realize just how lucky I was to be brought up in this family, and especially with the father that I was given, at least with regards to my political knowledge.

It wasn’t until after his death in 2001, and then learning to live without him, while being relentlessly mistreated by my older sibling who after my father’s death, did a lot of extremely suspicious behavior of which many lawyers saw problems with of which harmed our future or chance for one. It was at  that moment that I  then began to wonder about my entire life as a whole, and what was important to me with regards to my personal interests, goals and desires. I decided to use my writing ability as my way to share anything that I figured others may find either interesting and or perhaps in some cases, fascinating. In turn, all that you will read here in this blog, is something  that either personally has to do with my life, whether me personally or regarding my father or  other things that in turn I have a personal relation to, most often pertaining to the most recent current events in the world today, whatever that may be.

Maybe I will some day write a book about my entire life and in turn growing up the way I did, but for now; I guess I will use this ‘Blog’ as my ‘trial run’ and gradually see what comes of it. As you will notice, my articles that I take more pride in, pertain to my personal knowledge of International and Middle Eastern Politics, and in some cases, the inner-personal connection that I may have with a personal International Political figure, whether through my Dad or my own relationships with some prominent people.  I do consider myself quite knowledgeable in this area, again thanks to my upbringing and being around my Dad while growing up on Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York. I have many vivid memories of things throughout my years, while really thinking about things long and hard, it is very possible that some of the memories that I have are some things that some of you read about in World Newspapers. Again, this was the ‘norm’ for me. It was my life. It is how I grew up!

One example I have is:  where my Dad and I were alone in our ski house on West Ridge Road, on Stratton Mountain, Vermont. We often would take week-ends together to go skiing, or depending on the season, maybe just do some other fun activity as a way to bond with each other. I remember one early morning, my dad received a long distance phone call. I do ‘not’ remember the exact country this call came from today as I think about this example, but it was some place perhaps like Cairo, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. We had received word that Anwar Saddat was murdered. Now during this time for me, I was extremely young. So, I may ‘not’ have been fully aware of ‘who this person was’ that something ‘bad’ happened to, but I remember the tone of voice and or watching my Dad and his personal reaction while on the phone to things like this. He would want to take very detailed interests to the TV news or something on the radio. Plus, I am sure he had some ‘close connection’ to this political figure, perhaps through one of his closest friends, Adnan Khashoggi.  So, I knew ‘something important and bad’ had just occurred, but, at that time didn’t understand the depth, until yrs later down the road. It was this type of atmosphere, that I remember a lot while growing up as a kid. Yet, only when I was an older adult, to truly be aware of the magnitude of the people, ties, connections, contacts that my Dad had personally had.

International Business figures that were the ‘norm’ to me growing up were: Salah Sharaf, or Adnan Khashoggi known as “AK” to us, or  Manucher Ghorbanifar, or Rakesh Saxsena, or King Fahd, Roger Tamraz, Cyrus Hashemi, Yah-Yah Elkomi, who had close ties with Hosni Mubarak the former President of Egypt, or others. These names were all ‘old hat’ to me. It’s what I was used to hearing a lot of while at home as a kid, or while my Dad was dying, he still worked closely with these people as well. However, looking back at everything today, I am very happy that I grew up with having this background. I have become more knowledgeable with regards to Middle East Politics and overall politics in general in today’s world. I feel this gives me an edge over most people & being more educated and having a much better understanding to the world and its chaos that the news media so often speaks about today.

However, even in my own personal life, I was lucky to travel all over the world on my own,  beginning at the ripe age of 13. It also helped me to become more appreciative of the different cultures & languages & different lifestyles that people had from other parts of the world – thus, lucky enough to ‘not’ be in a ‘sheltered life’, and learning through ‘doing’.

In fact, one memory I have in this aspect was when I was lucky enough to go away on a school ski trip to Bormio, Italy around 1984, or maybe it was 1985?. I may be mistaken with the year, but it was either 1984 or 1985, and I was about 15 or 16 years old and our airline/airplane had a bomb scare on our Alitalia Flight from JFK Airport in NYC to Milano, Italy. We were supposed to take off at about 19:30 but they kept delaying the boarding time and departure time. It would be extended by 60 minutes, then maybe as that extension neared it would be delayed another 6o minutes or longer. Eventually, the airport monitor screen showing all the flights then said: “See Agent” for our flight.

Well, rumor was out that there was a bomb scare for our flight. There was a process where they took us out to the tarmac by this special airport bus, where we then got off and now was on the runway, observing that surrounding the circle of the plane was every piece of luggage. We were then told to walk around the plane, and find our own suitcase. Once we found it, we were told to grab it, and take it to one of the baggage handlers, who then would tag it in a special way, and then place it on the plane and then we were allowed to board the plane.

The entire time we were on the plane, after everyone found their luggage, almost every student on this trip, was memorizing all the emergency exits and trying to keep track of everything and were ‘listening to every sound of the plane’ from take off to landing.  Yes, there were a few ‘bomb scare like jokes’ from some foolish kids who were laughing about it, but none the less, it was quite a learning experience for us all, by the time we arrived all in one piece in Italy.

Yet,something that I really appreciate with regards to Europe, are all the different languages. The top languages I personally appreciate the most are: French, Italian, Hungarian, Czech and Serbian and Arabic. Can I speak all of these languages? Sadly, no. However, I know more French than any of the other languages, and know very little Italian and bits and pieces of Czech and Hungarian. Yet, regardless whether I am listening to radio stations of any of those languages, I could listen to them for hours on end, and never get bored. I just love hearing the ‘sound’ and and accents, plus, yes it is actually possible to learn this way too. My ability to read French is better than any of the other languages – but again, I ‘appreciate’ which each language has to offer. Whether be the sound, accent, the written language, regardless…I love languages period!

Anyway, this blog will center on my overall broad Interests pertaining to International Politics and Worldly Events as a priority – with a slight bias to those parts of the Globe and Topics, where I may have had some kind of ‘inner’ personal relationship or ‘tie’, whether thanks to my father or even myself, since I too have been lucky to get to know some figures myself, who hold prestige in their own right, whether themselves personally, or who they know. And this blog will also be an avenue for me to write about other things that may have nothing to do with politics as well.

Plus, as a single 49 year old guy, I have always had a huge love for women. In my blog, I know I have a few articles about women who I either personally knew and or dated, or had some sort of inner deep relationship with, or in other cases I may have written about my ‘dream’ woman, or something in ‘fun’ pertaining to this very intimate topic, that I do hold so dear and near to me.  Hey, lets get the truth out now and be done with it: I have a bias towards European women and Arab women; especially the Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian or Palestinian woman etc…{and here is a ‘fun fact’: I have never ever had an ‘American’ girl-friend, ever!  ‘Not’ that, that was ever planned, but rather it just turned out to be.  The few relations I had were with a Danish, Czech, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani etc…}

I am aware that I am unlike most people anywhere on the planet. Whether knowing people personally who at one time may have personally ‘knew’ (if someone is no longer alive) or still knows (if they are alive still…) such prominent figures, such as: Yassar Arafat, Mouammar Kadhafi, The Shah of Iran, Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Emir of Kuwait, King Fahd of The Saudi Royal Family, Prince Faisal, Sultan of Brunei, and others…Again, I am so grateful for this upbringing.  This is knowledge, that will be with me for eternity, and yes, this knowledge and other details to such figures and past historical events, have only given me even more detailed understanding to the world we live in today. Another part you will learn about me, is that I am absolutely 100% Pro-Palestinian! It angers me deeply with how their situation is as of today, let alone how its been for all these past decades of abuses and loss of life they/Palestinians have suffered over the occupation, during their struggle for freedom of their own land sans the Illegal Occupation of Ramallah/Gaza/Palestine. Interestingly enough, my personal friend was with Arafat in 1994, when he picked up his Nobel Peace Prize. I never did meet him in person,but he surely would’ve been my favorite #1 choice of prominent person to meet, had I ever been given the chance to have met him. It is sad to think that he was illegally murdered/poisoned by evil Israel. And that is just one example, whereas I have other fascinating stories about such high prominent International figures as well.

My other interests are: Music, Writing, Working on line, and of course always keeping up to date with the news that is going on in the world, especially pertaining to the recent current events; Middle East, Syria, Palestine, and other headlines as well.

Things that I enjoy are: to keep up to date with regards to what ‘types of music’ and or ‘singers/groups’ are ‘hits’ within Europe and Russia. The kind of Music I prefer would be considered: Euro Pop, Italo Disco, Italo Pop, French Pop, Russian/Dance/Club etc… most of which would also depend on my mood and other factors. Some singers & groups that I prefer and love are: Axelle Red, Patricia Kaas, Lara Fabian (all three of whom I saw in Concert in Montréal. I also sort of, kind of met Axelle Red in person at a concert while sitting in the front row during a concert in Summer 2000. I gave her a Greeting Card in both English and French and a Rose. She stopped everything, took about 3-4 minutes to read all I wrote, and even said; “Thank You, Very much” as the crowd went wild!)

Other singers or groups I like are: Akcent, Spagna, Silver Pozzoli, Alexandra Stan, Sak Noel, Playahitty, Eros Ramazzatti, Inna, Edward Maya, Alizée, Anggun, Bad Boys Blue, Arash, Axel Bauer, Chicane, Calogero, Chris Rea, Cock Robin, David Tavaré, Dr Alban, Étienne Daho, Fragma, Falco, Gérald de Palmas, Imagination, Laurent Voulzy, Level 42, Lewron Orchestra, Manu Chao, Modern Talking, Thomas Anders, Murray Head, Mylène Farmer, Patrick Hernandez, Pet Shop Boys, Sandra, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Talk Talk, The Twins, Yannick Noah, Youssou N’Dour, Zucchero etc… and many, many more etc…

I hope as you are reading all of this about me, you will begin to get a  better understanding of the person I am. I was also lucky to be brought up within a family where my father at one time in his life became an International Political Figure himself, thanks to his career, and this allowed me to be immersed with so much of the inner workings of one International and historical occurrence that occurred within the United States of America and pertaining to the American Hostages that were being held against their will in Beirut, Lebanon. So, I have a wide variety of interesting knowledge pertaining to today’s world.

Yet, despite my many personal losses in life from my mom becoming handicap and my sister dying when I was 13 years old and she was 16, and then by the time my Dad died in 2001, my inheritance & my mom’s inheritance  was oddly ‘missing’ let alone my mother’s ‘will’ was later found to be ‘written up in such a way that she never desired’. Such *mysteries in life  sometimes….yes, a lot of terrible things have occurred to me and my handicap Mom since Dad died, but even as we are being mistreated by many (and we are…) we still somehow find a way to ‘move on’ as best we can!

Thank God she is still alive, and I am blessed that I am the only family member she has left who loves her and cares for her, while I continue to try to reach my goals and desires as well. Although, it is ‘not’ easy, not at all, especially with all that has *happened to us!

I thank you for taking the time to read all I wanted to share, while at the same time getting a little feel about what this blog will have to offer. This blog is for me and only me, and I only write about things that both interest me, and or have effected me one way or another in my life, thus making me who I am today. Thank you for your time – And thank you for taking time to learn a little more about me! 🙂

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