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I would like to first say how much I appreciate your taking the time to check out my blog and learn a  little about me, and my life and all that I have come to know growing up. I have been fully aware that my ‘life’ is ‘non-typical’ with regards to many things, and well, although regarding the unhappy personal things it may ‘not’ be as pleasant to being the person ‘going through it all’, but no matter how one looks at things, after all, it is my life.

The parts pertaining to my dad’s active political life, even if in the ‘limelight’ at one time or another, this too has played an in-depth role into the person I’ve been ‘shaped’ to become throughout my fifty years. I can honestly say, that I’m grateful for the knowledge that I’ve been able to attain, all thanks to my upbringing while being able to ‘put it to use’ as to have a much better and clearer understanding of today’s world.

I have this *donation* page as a way in which the reader can show their support for what they see and read in this blog.  Whatever amount you are willing to donate, by donating, you are letting me know that you enjoy all that you read and learn about my life, and most importantly, you are wishing to see and learn more about all that I have to offer.

Feel free to donate…whether its $25, $50 or $100 as a way to keep this blog going, while at the same time sending the message that you wish to read and learn more.


I promise you, there is quite a bit more about my life…where yes, even I am aware that it’s ‘not’ your “typical” life for anyone, anywhere…





Whatever the amount is, will be appreciated.





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