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U.S.A – Supreme Court Justice Scalia Found Dead.


U.S.A Supreme Court Justice: Antonin Scalia

Breaking news throughout the USA and even the world this Saturday, February 13, 2016: ‘Right Wing Tilted American Supreme Court Justice’ Scalia, was found dead on his elite ranch in the USA State of Texas. This news will have profound effects for the United States of America, and future laws for the U.S, and it’s implications will last for decades to come, while effecting everyone and everything World Wide.

Now with Scalia dead, and President Obama still in office for another 10 months, and a likelihood of a Sanders Presidency come  January 2017, the most powerful Federal Court of the United States of America, will more likely than not, no longer be tilted to the ‘far right’. This is good news for Pro-Choice Activists, Gays and Lesbians, Equal Rights, and a much more diverse, wide variety of other future legal issues to come up in the coming years.

As the news/TV (‘American Channel/Station’ etc…) is going on behind me, they are saying that the ‘uneven court’ will perhaps stay this way for the coming year or longer. However, my personal belief is that, I sense that President Obama, will more likely than not take this unfortunate opportunity, to perhaps make one final last ‘big/powerful/change’ to leave for his legacy within the history of the United States and his “Obama Administration”.

One thing that comes to my mind is: the decision that the Supreme Court made not so long ago, approving the rights for ‘Billionaires’ and Corporations, to make anonymous donations to Presidential hopefuls, and their ‘pacs’; something that Senator Sanders, the Independent Senator, from the State of Vermont; who is running for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States of America for the coming November election in 2016 is completely against. However, his counterpart, and long time criminal Hillary Clinton, of the criminal Family ‘The Clintons’; has been one who loves the ideas of ‘Super Pacs’. In fact, only some 24 hours ago, the DNC Committee opened up their ‘avenue to allowing Super Pacs’ for Hillary Clinton only, when waging ‘War’ against the Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. But, my belief is; now with Justice Scalia’s passing,…this could perhaps, possibly bring the change to ‘not’ only the U.S Supreme Court as a whole, but perhaps with a new future Justice to follow, likely a more ‘liberal’ one, this will then tilt the court to a 5-4 “LIBERAL” Court. When all this time before Scalia’s death, it has been tilted 5-4 “Right Wing” more so. So, let me repeat again this huge historical event that is likely to surface now, with Scalia’s passing. The U.S Supreme Court will likely become a more liberal court 5-4, by the time or perhaps even before Obama leaves office for eternity.  Do I sincerely believe that Obama will want to make this a ‘priority’ before he leaves office to get a new one to take Scalia’s place?  I believe; Yes.

Give it time. I have no thoughts as to ‘when’ Obama will be working on this with regards to when he begins to look for someone to take Scalia’s place. But I sense,…it will happen…and I suspect, Obama will do his best to get someone new, before he leaves office in January 2017.

With each new year, there is always ‘something’ that occurs, that eventually becomes ‘BIG’ news, to grasp the attention and concern and gossip of the world. As of late, we all have been used to things like terrorists shootings, or ISIL, or Airplane Crashes, or Severe Weather News, or Russia and Putin, or Syria and so forth – don’t get me wrong; all these other ‘newsworthy events’ are terrible in their own right. But now,….regarding the United States of America, and how they ‘make and pass Laws’ that most often effects EVERYONE THROUGH OUT THE WORLD in one way or another…has now come to a point, where things could be changed drastically….just by the single pick of one person,… a new ‘Judge’. Someone unknown to all of us now.. Someone who shares similar beliefs to that of each sitting President, and in this case that President is Barack Hussein Obama.  It’s in his hands….once again, where he could send a message to the world 30 years from now……when he would ‘not’ even be a thought, all due to whoever he will choose to be nominated to take the place of the former Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia.

The November United States of American Election of 2016, is no longer the ‘headline’ news for the globe.  Now, it is also; …who will be picked for the replacement of Justice Antonin Scalia, for he just passed today; Saturday, February 13, 2016.