Few more of Ursula Gashi Spisjakova….

PHOTOS 1 097
Ursula Gashi Spisjakova: In Praha, Czech Republic in 2005, when we were together.
Copy (3) of Diana & Natasha
Ursula Spisjakova on right
Copy (3) of Natasha 1
Ursula Gashi Spisjakova, cooling off
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Ursula Gashi Spisjakova, on left

I met Ursula during the Summer of 2005, when I was in Praha, Czech Republic. For me,…it was love at first sight. We became close friends, and though at first my time with her in 2005 was short…we did keep touch from that point forward.  Then by Summer 2006, we were back together again. My feelings for her grew deeper with each passing moment with her..  Despite that she really did ‘not’ treat me as respectful as I feel she should have…we did become much closer during our time together when I was in Praha during Summer 2006. I was willing to marry her. In fact, I had wanted to marry her.  I feel that she too had deep feelings for me, but she was the type of person who kept it more hidden in public – since other private time, was nice and ‘free spirit’ with each other, when we were in our room together in the hotel.

Wherever you may be Ursula, I am always willing to re-connect.

Sending you lots of Love, and passionate kisses……always.