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Few more of Ursula Gashi Spisjakova….

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Ursula Gashi Spisjakova: In Praha, the Czech Republic in 2005, when we were together.

Copy (3) of Diana & Natasha

Ursula Spisjakova on right

Copy (3) of Natasha 1

Ursula Gashi Spisjakova, cooling off

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Ursula Gashi Spisjakova, on left

Ursula Gashi Spisjakova was a beautiful, sexy woman from Praha, Czech Republic. Well, I feel that she was all that and more, no matter what anyone else could think. We found each other online somehow from some internet site, and for me at least this was love at first sight!

It was during the summer of 2005 when we first met each other in person. Actually, I had been in Praha for couple reasons, and one of which was seeing another friend who lives there, but I also made sure to save time for Ursula. Actually, during this time she had a ‘nickname’ where we called her ‘Natasha’. Phony or not, I feel this sexy name fit her, regardless. The nickname was sexy, and she was sexy. {as you can clearly see from the above pictures} During this first time in Praha for me, I was staying in at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Praha.

The Crowne Plaza was quite a historical hotel.  Just seeing this hotel from the outside, you can see where the Russian influence played its role from the earlier days. It was almost as if majestic and castle-like. It really was quite impressive. The food was excellent, and the area was a little bit ‘out of the way’, but it still worked out for me. I was quite happy.  In fact, the above pictures are taken from the inside of this Holiday Inn. I will never forget it. It was one of the hottest summers on record, and the lobby had no air condition at the time, and we hung out there had a few drinks and talked and enjoyed our company together.

The above video was from 2005. Ursula stayed with me overnight in my hotel room at the Holiday Inn.  The funny thing about this night, is that I remember quite well, she was telling me how she had her period that night, and she was trying to ‘gross me out’ by saying to me;  “you wanna see my blood”?  And uhh, yes, I was a little grossed out fearing she really was going to show me regardless of what I said.  But in the end, she was only being silly, trying to see if I was going to get grossed out, but it never happened anyway.   Maybe some of you are grossed out with that ‘thought or idea’ – but this is ok, I do have a grim sense of humor sometimes and well, it was no big deal to me.

Although the other thing about this video however, there is no escaping the fact that her body was amazingly firm, tart and sexual, and she knew it, and I knew it, and although she was willing to make love with me that night, she asked me to wear a condom, and that it didn’t bother her that she was having her period, but I said, I could wait and it was no big deal to maybe have our time of intimacy later on.

The actuality is that it was so extremely hot in my room then, that when she and I went to sleep, she wanted the window open, that only let in all the hot, sticky, humid air and well, that kept me up all night.

The other thing overall in general, in this above video, there is a point in the or around the  end, that she was a little annoyed with my videotaping – but actually, she had been talking to me about wanting to make love and film it, and no that didn’t happen either, but thinking about how madly in love I was with her, I would’ve been willing to if I had the chance.  But, as she calls my name here, like she was annoyed, I can hear her talking to Jana in Czech and then laugh – she was likely saying:  “Erik, was filming me and I told him no, – but I don’t care” and then laugh!

Little did I know, that come 2006, when we were together in Hilton Hotel she made me take some porn like pictures of her when she was naked from the waist down below.  She was very willing and she was loving the fact that I was taking those pictures.  And yes, I still have them for myself today.  Maybe, just maybe I may place those pictures somewhere else, not here.

Oh – the other funny part of this video, she grabs my condoms and asks what they are? I said; “reminders”!  But I didn’t mean condoms when I said that, for I really had notes on pieces of paper on that table, for the next morning I had to do, and I had to call someone for a meeting I had back in Paris.   But then, I was embarrassed when I saw she meant the condoms.  Oh well, it all worked out ok anyway.

I just love her sexy Czech accent! I would love it forever and ever!!!

Maybe because I was so in love with her, overall in general!




Holiday Inn Praha 2005


In fact, the above picture is all three of us having a wonderful, tasty dinner outside on the patio area of the Restaurant that is part of the hotel, in the back.  Again, this night it was extremely humid, sticky, and unpleasant. Yet, we stayed outside for hours and it turned out we were pretty much the last ones out there until closing time. Even though I had my arm around the girl who was next to me, I purpose was doing all I can to include her, because I was so deeply and madly in love with Ursula who was across from me, that we wanted to be able to ‘see’ each other and talk, and be together. In fact, even Jana, the one who was next to me, agreed that we looked like a wonderful couple.  There were also many people who felt and or believed that Ursula and I could’ve passed to be brother and sister. We had similar eyes, blue in color and looked like each other to a degree in this manner.



Ursula Gashi Spisjakova






I was staying at the Hilton Hotel in Praha, in Pobřežní 1. Czech is a country where the city of Praha, is separated into as if departments, for lack of a better way to call it.  Pobřežní 1, was a nice area, and the hotel was even nicer.  The above picture is from when we were together during the summer of 2006. This time we were a lot closer, more intimate, in a non-sexual way, although we were both feeling like we wanted to be intimate as a loving couple when we were together at this time.

In fact, I remember quite well, as we were walking around Praha, my arm would be wrapped around her tiny, sexy waist and holding her close, and I remember feeling sort of odd how others were looking at us, or as I say ‘at her’! She was absolutely one who caught attention, all due to her sexual class and how she presented herself out in public.


In this above video, Ursula is actually suffering from a slight hangover. Actually, at the time, I wasn’t aware of this. Well, I was aware that she was quiet, but it didn’t occur to me until after the fact, that I realized she had a hangover. To me, she is so incredibly beautiful and actually, this video was from 2006 – but, I know that she is even more beautiful today.

If given the chance, assuming she was still the same, even if obviously older, I’d still love to marry her!  My love for her has been that strong.

Ursula, wherever you are, I hope you are doing well, and I’d love to be back in touch with you.  I miss you a lot and hope all is ok on your end.

Sadly, I haven’t seen her since 2006, but I have seen other pictures of her from approximately 2015 or 2014, and she looks different, but in a really pretty way. So, I was lucky to at one time in my life and hers, be special enough to where we were enjoying being together.  I still do miss her.