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My Stylist Didier Bichon et Jorge, in Montréal, Quebec


{PLEASE NOTE: As of May 2019:  Didier Bichon and Jorge are no longer my hair stylists. After some 20 years or close to 20 years, sadly, I learned that Didier thought of me as nothing more than someone below him. I learned (the hard way) that in reality, he wanted nothing to do with me, he thought of me as ‘ weird/odd’ person and that I did ‘not measure up to him and his standards’. How did I learn this?  I learned this from Instagram. Whenever I commented anything on his personal page or on his Salon page, he always made sure to ignore me, never treat me like I existed and well, like I was some stranger. This is most certainly insulting if you ask me! Regarding Jorge, well I’ve always liked him –  but I’m more hurt by Didier.  Plus… Didier’s girlfriend Nathalie Baron, a masseuse, once said to me years ago: “No! I’m not your friend, I’m your masseuse”!


I may eventually delete this article – but for now, I will leave it up  -and let the world know about how Didier Bichon is with me.  Heck, it’s his loss.  Sadly, I think Didier will be frankly glad and happy that I no longer will see him –  and knowing THAT not only disappoints me, but makes me angry at him!  He had me fooled for TWENTY YEARS!…He never wanted to ‘connect’ with me on Instagram – with something so simple…..its a stab in the back – and frankly, I’m sad and hurt – and I’m sure he doesn’t give one shit!


Good Riddance!}




Sadly, I was not able to attend this party – but i place these pictures because I love the salon, I love my two friends Jorge and Didier Bichon and most of all, I Love the beautiful women in these pictures! Note: The man wearing the blue blazer, is my stylist Didier, from Toulouse, France. And the man wearing the vest, is my high-lights specialist Jorge!


Didier Bichon



Jorge, on far left



Far Left, is my friend Annie


Didier Bichon with beautiful women



My stylist Didier Bichon surrounded by incredibly beautiful women. Something we both have in common. Love for women!        🙂