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GermanWings Airplane Crash: ‘Not’ Terrorism, No Arabs, No Muslims…Just a regular person, with Mental Illness.

Hearing the news about this terrible, unthinkable airplane crash, has brought me to the idea of ‘Terrorism’ at first. Then as more news unfolded, and as the story was brand new, it became more of a ‘shock’ to many like me, perhaps you too.

The idea of another person having some kind of ‘mental illness’ , on face value, seems like no big deal. I mean, after all, some people have MS, some have Aids, some have Cancer, some have Asthma, some are in wheelchairs ( like my mom) and some have other ‘handicaps’.  Yet, ‘Mental illness’, is still a stigma all over the world, especially within the USA more so.  {Maybe Europe, and its overall ‘lax’ attitude, are more accepting, of a lot of things, more so than how usa in a wide range of areas’ etc… ) How many of us, who are reading these words that I write now in front of you, are aware of ‘who; has ‘what’ when it comes to mental illness?  Do some of you ‘wash your hands a certain number of times’? This is often called ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’ a mental illness/Disorder.  Do some feel so low about life, and or have trouble getting out of bed, due to ‘how things are in our own lives’ on a daily basis? Some do.  This is called ‘Depression’.  A Mental illness. But often, many people can often ‘fake’ thru their illnesses. Whether its ‘Depression’ or like my own personal case with my abusive older brother who has ‘Anti-Social Personality Disorder’ a Mental Illness. He is REALLY good at ‘making others believe’ he is perfectly ‘fine’.  Yet, it is THIS, that is the problem.  Mental Illness is hard to detect with anyone.

So, now with this most recent Airline disaster, we no longer have to worry about the terrible ‘racists’ view, when some people say;  “Terrorism, Muslim, Arab’ etc… which of course is WRONG to generalize like this, sadly but some do. But now, today, some are now beginning to wonder ‘who’ is in the cockpit?  Is the pilot, ‘mentally stable’?

Sadly, the European flying association (i use this term, since i forget the actual name, please excuse me for this..}  now is taking the same approach as usa has since after September 11, 2001.  If the pilot has to leave for any reason, then another person MUST come to stay with the co-pilot, regardless. Although, I do not know about you, but i can also see problems with this approach too.  I think in the end, there is no ‘solid proof safety’ approach here…  As some often say in passing;  “if its your time to go/die, then there is no way you can change this inevitable event, no matter what’!  Regardless, with all the amount of airplane incidents all these most recent months and year, flying is still the safest way of traveling!


A helicopter flying over the crash scene over the French alps


Debris on the alps, from the GermanWings Airline crash. Notice parts of the plane in pink.


Multiple helicopters flying over the surrounding areas of the crash scene..working in tandem, trying to find all evidence.


A Victim, a Spanish teacher of a school trip.


The German students that were killed on the flight as part of a class trip..


Another victim of the Germanwings Airline crash


Another victim on t he doomed Germanwings flight


Another victim of the doomed GermanWings Crash


An Australian Victim on the GermanWings flight. Luckily for him , his mother was with him. They died together.


The ‘Mother’ of the Younger Australian victim, who died on the GermanWings Airline crash


The inside of the actual model of the German Wings Airline that crashed. A single aisle plane.


Another victim on the doomed plane


The damaged ‘black box’ – apparently it is noted that the last few seconds before impact/crash, you can hear the screams of horror and terror of the passengers. How awful – words can’t express how i feel knowing this .

Perhaps, saying a little prayer too, can’t hurt – regardless of faith. I think as i remember how often Americans would call Police in airport lobbies, when seeing a Muslim on their knees, sadly the evil American 26FC3A1400000578-3010610-Photographs_taken_of_the_scene_today_show_pieces_of_debris_strew-a-37_1427318143128 26FC3A9100000578-3010610-Fragments_of_the_plane_including_a_section_containing_windows_le-a-39_1427318146571 26FC3A9200000578-3010610-Fragments_of_the_plane_including_a_section_containing_windows_pi-a-38_1427318143845 26FC3C4400000578-3010610-Base_Search_and_rescue_teams_are_seen_being_dropped_near_the_cra-a-25_1427318141213 26FC3C9400000578-3010610-Operation_Rescue_workers_and_gendarmerie_arrive_on_helicopter_as-a-26_1427318141592 26FC099A00000578-3010610-Rescue_workers_begin_the_difficult_task_of_searching_through_the-a-40_1427318146686 26F878DB00000578-3010610-Reporters_and_television_crews_gather_near_where_French_police_a-a-12_1427318130175 26F476D600000578-3010610-Vast_wilderness_An_aerial_view_of_the_area_in_the_French_Alps_wh-a-42_1427318146699 26F8D50B00000578-3010610-image-a-11_1427318129643 26F8F67F00000578-3010610-Lufthansa_employees_observe_a_minute_s_silence_in_Frankfurt_Germ-a-15_1427318131417 26F56B9A00000578-3010610-Destruction_The_distinctive_colours_of_the_Germanwings_plane_are-a-32_1427318142648 26F86C1500000578-3010610-Students_have_been_gathering_at_a_memorial_of_flowers_and_candle-a-34_1427318142913 26FAB9C800000578-3010610-French_military_personnel_walk_up_the_mountainside_towards_the_c-a-5_1427318127799 26FB1DFF00000578-3010610-Obliterated_Search_and_rescue_teams_sift_through_the_wreckage_of-a-2_1427318127069 26FB18BD00000578-3010610-French_mountain_troopers_are_climb_a_hill_near_the_makeshift_hel-a-4_1427318127783 26FB46AE00000578-3010610-Show_of_solidarity_French_President_Francois_Hollande_centre_emb-a-7_1427318128076 26FB209D00000578-3010610-image-a-16_1427318132452 26FB390300000578-3010610-French_President_Francois_Hollande_centre_Spain_s_Prime_Minister-a-6_1427318128070 26FB671800000578-3010610-A_photo_provided_by_the_Gendarmerie_Nationale_shows_debris_of_th-a-17_1427318132455 26FBA44D00000578-3010610-Charred_wreckage_was_photographed_on_the_mountainside_today_wher-a-46_1427318147454 26FBA56800000578-3010610-This_photograph_of_the_remote_area_of_the_French_Alps_where_the_-a-45_1427318147451 26FBBA9500000578-3010610-Helicopter_and_foot_search_operations_resumed_at_first_light_thi-a-43_1427318146702 26F1BDEE00000578-3010610-This_Germanwings_Airbus_A320_carrying_144_passengers_and_six_cre-a-48_1427318148532 Print 26F8D50B00000578-3010610-image-a-11_1427318129643 way of belief, is that they feel the Muslim is about to hijack the plane and crash it.  But now, thanks to this most recent German-wings Mentally ill co-pilot, perhaps an American Christian may want to kneel beside the Muslim in their own prayer.  Cause now a days, anyone can cause harm and airline disasters, and its no longer a time to ‘go against one’ but rather, its time to ‘grab the other one next to you, and work together’ – cause in the end, you do not know if you all could be going to the same ‘next life’, especially if another German-wings Airline disaster were to ever happen again!