The Women of: FEMEN

Inna, the ‘Leader’.
931231_502598909809213_1550602194_n - Copy
Inna..standing powerful!
FEMEN women being arrested during protest
Inna and uh oh – i forget the other one name on the right –  This was during a protest at Davos, Switzerland yrs ago
More of the Femen Group



Of course,…I am just being fun. I realize that this political group ‘Femen’, thinks of itself as a legit, and serious group, along with their political beliefs. However, my personal opinion of this group, is that I suspect they have lost a lot of respect to whatever degree of legitimacy that they may have once had, due to their ‘stripping down and off of clothes’ more for every little bit of protest – and I feel that by doing that, you lose any and probably ‘all’ respect, and then you only become ‘beautiful half naked’ women to ‘look at’ and perhaps ‘admire’ or feel negative about; depending on what your own personal beliefs are pertaining to this way of protest – in the end, I feel their way of ‘protesting’ is meaningless.


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