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Sexy Nahida Rafig!

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Nahida Rafig

My Friend Nahida Rafiq, from Azerbaijan, while in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I saw her last in Dubai in 2007. I miss her, and have been looking for her  ever since.

My Friend Nahida Rafiq, from Azerbaijan, while in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I saw her last in Dubai in 2007. I miss her, and have been looking for her ever since.


I sure do miss Nahida! I forget the exact year that we met, well ‘on-line’ not in person at first. I believe it was sometime in 2006 when we met. I believe it was a dating site.  Nahida, was this very elegant, sexy looking Azerjaibani woman. She was fluent in many languages. Hmm, let me see if I can remember which languages she is/was fluent in English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Azerbaijani…That might be all, or possibly there is one more missing.  In either sense, this amount of languages and fluency in all of them is pretty damn good if you ask me. Whereas for myself, I speak only English, with very little French, and even less Italian and very few bits and pieces of Czech and Hungarian.

Anyway, when Nahida and I first ‘found each other’, I really did fall for her, pretty hard and quick. I loved her accent, plus I loved her pictures, at least the ones she sent me when we found each other.  Actually, how she ‘looked’ when I found her online, was nothing like the pictures that I have here.  Her hair was longer, and yet, she still looked amazingly sexy to me anyway.

We often talked on the phone and would send each other sms and or e mails. Offhand, I can’t seem to remember exactly what she did for a living. However, I know at one point she did hold some prestigious connections herself when she was living in Dubai at the earlier period of our relationship. I think she knew someone who worked with or had some connection to either the ruler of Dubai or within the UAE Government, its been so long, I really can’t remember.  However, during the time we were ‘active’ with keeping in touch, it really didn’t matter to me what she did, or who she worked with since I knew I had pretty deep feelings for her. I remember quite well, it was sometime around December 2006, where I told her on the phone, that I had wanted to come out to Dubai and spend time with her.  She often said to me; “Well, don’t come down just for me”. Well, for me being in love with her, it didn’t matter.  Of course, I said to her; no, I will be coming to see Dubai, since I have never been there. Although that comment was true, I still made it a priority to be with her as soon as I possibly could.

By July 2007, I finally made it to Dubai.  This part of the world truly deserves the title it has had; “The Paris of the Middle East”.  Why does it have this ‘title’? Simple. Because it is a place with class, and it’s safe, and people are good, and the economy is quite good too!

In fact, before I went, my close personal friend and doctor, Dr. Sammi Hashim, said to me; “Erik, you may want to live there full time and make a life there”. Well, he was right.  Because by the time I made it there, I was hooked!

Although granted, it was excruciatingly hot, and the humidity so thick, you could cut it with a knife, but everything is air-conditioned and well, it is then more bearable with that being available.

Hey! Don’t forget, in Dubai, you can go snow skiing indoors! Sadly, not sure why, but that was the one place that I had forgotten to check out while I was there.  Maybe because I was so caught up with ‘love’ and ‘desire’ for this woman, that I wasn’t thinking anything else.

While I was there, I had other stuff going on too.  So, if I had not purposely gone out of my way to make sure to spend time with Nahida, it could’ve been very possible, we could’ve never had our ‘meeting’ – but thankfully, we did.

I remember it was a late night and I actually was in bed, ready to sleep.  I called Nahida and had actually believed that I wasn’t going to be able to meet her.  But when I called, she was at a disco.  She told me to come down ‘now’ and see her!  I agreed. So, I got out of bed and got dressed and then got my Taxi.

Once in the Taxi, I called her again and then she spoke with the driver to tell him where to go, to meet up with her.

Then by the time I made it to the disco/hotel, I paid my fare and then got out, and then called her again.  She then answered the phone and then said she was coming outside to meet me, and to wait about 2 minutes.

I will never forget the time we finally met in person. She came outside and turned to her left, and there I was standing.  She sort of ran to me, grabbed me with both her two hands, grabbing either side of me, pulling me in to kiss her.  She kissed me once smack on the lips, still with both her hands holding me, on either side of me – while still holding me, she steps back, and looks at me, and then said; “Wow, you are so handsome” and then came into kiss me smack again bullseye on the lips again! Of course, I loved every minute of this. In fact, we then went inside to the hotel to sit on the couch and talk.  In fact, the pictures above were at the hotel, where the disco was downstairs. It was so hot there, as we were both drenched in sweat. But I’m ever so glad that I made it happen by going to meet her that night.

By the time I left for the night, we had made plans to meet in my hotel lobby before I was going to leave to go back to Paris the following day.

Thankfully – I have this wonderful memory – video, of this meeting with the girl, who, yes, I would’ve married, if she had wanted to.


I miss her so much today –  I would love to be able to find her again –  we have lost contact.


I really do believe, that if we were to somehow find each other again, I’m sure we would reignite that spark we had in Dubai.