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Reka Szabo From Budapest, Hongrie

My girl friend in 2003, Reka Szabo from Budapest, Hongrie. We were together in Budapest and France - and the pics in France were in that hotel that i post the link to the other day, before they had their make over.  (And Reka's dog..)

My girl friend in 2003, Reka Szabo from Budapest, Hongrie.
We were together in Budapest and France – and the pics in France were in that hotel that i post the link to the other day, before they had their make over. (And Reka’s dog..)



I found Reka on a dating website many years ago back in 2003. She was an only child, from Budapest, Hungary and from what I can remember, she worked within the Hungarian Military within logistics area of specialty. She was fluent in both English and Hungarian of course, and I remember her informing me that as part of the Hungarian national mandatory language programs in school, each student must take either English or Italian as part of ‘another language to speak’. Reka chose English.

I guess early on I was lucky to have found her. Why do I say this?  Well, because, she was quite an intelligent woman, and as you see, she had such a sight of beauty as well within her. Then, the fact that she knew English, of course, was even more of a bonus for me too!

In the early part of our relationship, we talked all the time on the phone. We would be in touch as well via sms. And of course, we also used e-mail. It really didn’t take long for us to be in person, for we both had at the time an eagerness to be with each other.

Then by early to mid-June 2003, I finally made my way to Budapest. Now, the idea of going to Hungary was really no big deal to me. Due to my interests, I had been in France almost every three months as I had been working on a lifelong goal, yet I still had other familial responsibilities to take care of, thus why I wasn’t there 24/7/365. So, flying from Paris to Budapest, was quick and easy, and plus due to my ultimate love of airplanes, it was more of a bonus to fly anywhere, anytime.

The funny thing about Reka, is that before we actually got together in person, she often told me how she liked to ‘take care of herself’ physically, and how she was ‘not’ a ‘shy’ person either.  Then to add sugar to this sweet, she often told me that her physique was similar to the Australian pop-star Kylie Minogue! Without a doubt, this made me want to get to her as soon as I could.

The other thing Reka and I had in common, is that we both did not care for usa. As for myself, it’s easy why I don’t care for it:  I don’t like how I’m treated, or shall I say; mistreated by those people who at one time used to be friends, let alone my own relatives, other than my mom of course. Plus, the idea of a European woman, I knew was perfect for me, and well, I can always appreciate and treasure the small things.  Small things like; Reka’s accent, her ability to speak other languages fluently, and things like this.

Reka never liked usa, due to their (usa) mentality, of “we are the best”  we “are number 1” garbage. And I, later on, got a much better understanding ‘why’ she was like this.  Most likely due to her connections to the military and later on she was in Iraq in 2003 and 2004, and wait until you hear about that period of our relation.

Ok. So let us hop to it.  By the time I arrived in Budapest, Reka was there to pick me up at the airport.  Of course, I dressed to ‘impress’ and frankly, my ‘style’ isn’t the best, but I give effort at least with things like this, and let’s face it, that is the most important part of all.

I will never forget when I arrived and walked out to the area where she saw and noticed me, she was looking me over from head to toe.  I remember her saying something like: “I love those shoes you have – you really know how to dress”  – well, I do admit I wasn’t prepared for such a nice comment.  All, I was wearing was a nice pair of Brooks Brothers shoes.

She and I get a taxi to my hotel from the airport.  She picked out the hotel, and I just didn’t care, since my main concern was that I just wanted to be with her.  Well, when we arrived to the hotel, it was an Ibis Hotel, and it looked so ugly from the outside. Once I got up to my room, and the hallway of this place, I was right, it was disgusting, at least with its ‘appearance’.  Although, once I got a taste of their food, that won me over! It was excellent!


Above is one of my favorite videos. It begins with me being outside my hotel in Budapest, right across from a huge mall.  Then, out comes Reka who just got off the tram, and is now walking towards me, looking ever so sexy with her incredibly built body.  Yet, I didn’t really care for the style of clothes she wore, again it made no difference to me.

Actually, by the time we got to the hotel, from the airport, it’s amazing how long it took us to become extremely intimate.  Not long! We really did have feelings for each other, and we sure did let each other know just how we felt from the get go!

Then, eventually, Reka took me to her home, where she lived with her mother and her lovely, cute, adorable dog’ Woody. I will never forget that visit.  The heat was really awful, it was actually a year in which all of Europe, later on, that summer suffered one of the worst histories of heat waves, where hundreds of elderly folks in Paris especially, and other parts of Europe died. Well, this was no different, other than it was way early in the beginning of the summer of 2003. In fact, all one has to do is look at ‘Woody’ in this video, and see how much he pants, due to it being so terribly hot.

Well, it was a lot of fun to be in Budapest with Reka.  The only sad part is that it went too fast and that I didn’t get to see too much of Budapest, but I sure hope I will be able to go again sometime in the near future.

On my last day in Budapest, I then packed to head back to my place in Paris. It wasn’t so bad leaving since we had set it up for Reka to come to Paris and spend a week with me. Woo-hoo! I thought to myself at the time. I was eager and ready.

The not so good thing about our time together is that I slowly became more aware of her personality, and mood swings.  One thing I noticed, was that she would always talk about her ‘ex Italian boyfriends’.  In fact, at one time in our hotel, there was some Italian guy who was in the next room and she thought he was good looking.  She often made jokes about how she ‘wanted to be with him’ and how she loves Italian men.  She began to talk and joke too much about it, that I took notice of this, and often. Yet, no matter how positive I was, I always kept trying to be upbeat and try to make good things happen.

Our time in Paris, for this week did become more even more intimate for us as a couple.  In one sense, I thought this was a good thing, that she would hopefully be eventually more intuned to me, and well, maybe in some aspects, this did work.

Why do I say this? Well, at one point it felt like we were like a married couple. How do I mean? Well, I often had my video camera and would love to film her. And at one point, I was completely naked after just having my shower, and then filming her. I will show it here – no, sorry – you will ‘not’ see me, but I do mention it, and plus, she looked really hot in this video – take a look for yourself.



Yes, I was naked!  Yet, she didn’t give a damn, and I certainly wasn’t bothered either. Come to think of it, it is like we had been married for years and years! The scary part is, thinking about how fast time passes by since this time. Yikes!  It has passed by, and quick!

The funny thing is, when I think back to this time of being with Reka, we were about to make love in the early morning when we had forgotten that we set up room service for a special set time. So, as soon as we remembered this ‘set time’, Reka then got out of bed when we were done, to take shower. I then was in ‘afterglow’ and still hanging out in bed.  But, the problem was, I had forgotten that I threw old condoms and such on the floor. No, no worries. I don’t mean ‘used’ condoms. I mean, when we had trouble opening up the package, sort of like that Seinfeld episode. It wasn’t until the person brought our tray with breakfast, that I then realized what I forgot to do.  Yet, it really was no big deal, but Reka didn’t appreciate this. In the end, we both got over it, and quick!

Soon our time ended, and I remember quite well our last night in Paris before Reka had to fly back to Budapest the next morning, and I had to go to NYC the next morning. The tv show Golden Girls was on, in German. The episode of the black live-in maid, who did witchcraft. I remember I felt so good at that time, that evening. Almost as if our hotel room, was our full-time home.  The atmosphere was so relaxing, and just everything about being together was all perfect. But our night was not so sexually gratifying. No. Our last night, was about getting sleep and preparing for both of our journeys only hours away.

Then morning came, and we packed up, ate quick breakfast and then found a taxi and then off we went to CDG Airport in Paris.

I admit, it was very hard to say our ‘goodbyes’ but, we were able to keep close when we both got back to our destinations outside of Paris. In fact, that following summer we were talking about wedding plans. Sadly, it never happened.

In fact, a lot of suspicious things occurred regarding Reka Szabo. Word got out that she, along with her military job, got killed in Iraq. Well, I remember I cried a lot of tears and felt so empty and sad….it was so devastating to comprehend.

Until, a year or two later. I somehow called her phone by chance, perhaps hoping against hope. Sure enough, she answered!  Her ‘death’ was all a lie! Then along with being back in touch with her, worst news got out.  She had a new boyfriend and wanted nothing to do with me! She became evil, and mean, and hurtful, and started lying to me even more. Lies like;  the time we were together, she wanted no part of me. Yet, the closeness on camera here is hard to fake.

Eventually, her telephone calls became less and less, and then her ‘boyfriend’ became more and more.  Actually, more threats and more garbage. Eventually, I just gave up on her, and really had forgotten about her ever since.

Even though it ended badly, I still can appreciate her beauty on camera, despite having ‘no beauty’ within her soul.  I’m over her now, as I write this.  I’m ready for someone, real. Much more real than she ever tried to be.